Tai Chi Winston-Salem 

Jen-Hui (Peter) and Tsai-Chin (Ling) moved from their native Taiwan to Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 2005.  Peter first learned Tai Chi from his father.  Ling also began Tai Chi at an early age.  They are each certified as Tai Chi instructors by the Republic of China Sports Federation.  Each has  been teaching Tai Chi classes over twenty-five years. 

Peter and Ling teach the Chen, the Yang, and the Chang Man-Ching styles of Tai Chi Chuan as well as the Fan and the Sword forms.  They also teach Tai Chi Qigong for exercise and the promotion of good health.  Classes are also available in the ancient healing technique of acupressure.

Peter and Ling are devoted teachers to those students who wish to pursue a serious study of Tai Chi.  Students who seek a more casual introduction to Tai Chi are also welcome.

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